Course curriculum

  • 1

    1 - Orientation (10min)

    • Read: Welcome (1min)

    • Watch: Course Instructions (5min)

    • Engage: Fill Out the Course Pacing Guide

    • Discuss: Connect with your Cohort (2min)

    • Engage: Register for the live discussion group (1min)

    • Engage: Share a link, strategy, video, or success (2min)

    • Bonus: Meet Your Instructors (1min)

  • 2

    2 - Interviewing at a Distance: Admission, College Counseling & Hiring (55min)

    • Read: Virtual Interviewing Best Practices (1min)

    • Watch: Interviewing at a Distance Best Practices (40min)

    • Engage: Interviewing At a Distance Checklist (5min)

    • Bonus: Interviewing at a Distance Checklist (Google Drive link)

    • Bonus: Advice from Stanford Online High School (10min)

    • Bonus: Reducing Bias From the Admission Process Podcast (45min)

  • 3

    3 - Virtual Events: Tools, Tips & Best Practices (25min)

    • Read: Three Questions to Ask About Virtual Events (1min)

    • Watch: Tools & Tips for Going Virtual (15min)

    • Engage: Virtual Meeting Planning Guide (2min)

    • Engage: Virtual Meeting Checklist (2min)

    • Bonus: Slides from this lesson

    • Bonus: How to Set Up Zoom Meetings (5mins)

  • 4

    4 - Communicating Your Value Proposition During a Crisis (40min)

    • Read: Understanding Your Core Business (2min)

    • Watch: Your Core Business is More Important Than Ever (25min)

    • Engage: Building Trust in Your School Checklist (5min)

    • Bonus: Readings from Ian's Blog

  • 5

    5 - How to Explain Online Learning (30min)

    • Read: How to Explain Online Learning (2min)

    • Watch: Claire Goldsmith & Eric Hudson Discuss Online & Remote Learning (20min)

    • Engage: Download the Online Learning Discussion Guide

    • Bonus: Ten Strategies for Leading Online When School is Closed from GOA

  • 6

    6 - Enrollment Contracts (35min)

    • Read: Understanding Your Enrollment Contract (2min)

    • Watch: A Conversation with EMA & NBOA (20min)

    • Engage: Download the Enrollment / Finance Conversation Guide (5min)

    • Bonus: Lessons from Higher Ed

  • 7

    7 - Managing a Remote Team (60min)

    • Read: Three Tools You Need to Manage Your Remote Team (and one you don't) (1min)

    • Watch: How to Manage a Remote Enrollment Team (30min)

    • Engage: Discuss team culture, tools & expectations with our jumpstart guide (30min)

    • Bonus: Guide to Managing Remote Teams by Know Your Team

  • 8

    8 - Make a Video on Your Phone (20min)

    • Read: Why You Should Make a Video on Your Phone (2min)

    • Watch: How to Make a Video on Your Phone (5 min)

    • Watch: Hans walks the dogs (1 min)

    • Engage: Download the Authentic Video Storboards

    • Bonus: Watch Penguins Edward and Annie Explore the Shedd Acquarium (1min)

    • Bonus: How to Rotate Video for Instagram on an iPhone

    • Bonus: How to Rotate Video for Instagram on an iPhone