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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Orientation and Introductions

    • Read: Welcome to the Course!

    • Read: Meet Your Instructors

    • Watch: How to Navigate Your Course

    • Engage: Introduce Yourself

  • 2

    How to Form a Retention Committee and What Your Committee Should Be Doing

    • Watch: The Role and Responsibilities of Retention Committees and Its Members

    • Engage: Retention Committee Performance Reminders

    • Bonus: What is Your Recipe for Retention?

  • 3

    Articulating Your Differentiator

    • Read: How to Know When Your Organization Needs a Brand Message Strategy

    • Watch: Craft a High-Impact Value Proposition to Differentiate Your Private School Online

    • Engage: 8 Questions Every School Should Be Asking Themselves

  • 4

    Why “Inclusivity” Must Permeate Your Admissions Messages

    • Read: Switching Your School's Frame Towards a More Inclusive Culture

    • Watch: How and Why "Inclusivity" Must Permeate Your School Messages

    • Engage: Steps to Flip Your Frame

  • 5

    How Conversion Rates Affect Enrollment

    • Read: Data and Its Use: Bringing in the Experts

    • Watch: Understanding Conversion Rates and How it Affects Enrollment

    • Engage: EMA Conversion Rates Worksheet

  • 6

    How Did We Do?

    • Engage: Complete the Course Feedback Form